Coffee with Lewis is a social media presence primarily about coffee, but here I’ll tell you more about the “Lewis” bit of the title, and the point of it all.

I started the Instagram account a couple of years ago with great ambitions of reviewing every speciality coffee shop in London. I wouldn’t dare say I have completed my initial objective, in fact, I‘ve fallen short by a great margin which is in some way a reassuring reminder of the boom we’re having here in the capital. Coffee shops of all shapes and sizes are emerging at a rapid pace, and it’s been great fun surfing this third wave in London.

I couldn’t tell you why I first fell in love with coffee. But it snowballed because speciality coffee would always be a junction for a lot of my other main hobbies and interests. These include cycling, travel, a coincidental passion for coffee growing or famously coffee obsessed countries and that’s just to name a few. The artisanship and harmony between art and science in speciality coffee has also had me fascinated and eager to understand the nuanced nature of our beloved drink.

As an aspiring writer, I also have a curiously and  respect for the bricks and mortar that houses our caffeine fix. Coffee shops have long provided a meeting point, retreat, audience or subject for writers and poets. For me, there‘s an unrivalled romance of a writer holed up in a cosy coffee shop, scribbling down a masterpiece of any description before an unknowing crowd. For this reason, my reviews are also heavily based on the coffee shop experience too, not just the coffee.

The Friday Feature is a celebration of a shared interest in a diverse and rich circle. It’s more in-depth than a simple Q&A, but not as open and conversational as an interview. Featuring some of the biggest names in coffee as well as enthusiasts and keen brewers, the Friday Feature aims to make the vast world of speciality coffee a little smaller, while at the same time providing a place to get all the answers you might be interested in from others in the community.

On the subject of community, the Coffee With Friends meet-up is probably the greatest achievement of CWL to date. There is so much to say on this matter, and I love to explain it in person. Typing it just doesn’t do it justice! (I’ll try) Essentially it’s a meet-up born out of a realisation that London is a lonely place, especially for those new to the Big Smoke. I wanted to create a space where all kinds of people could bond and make friends over coffee; a real leveller. We go to different coffee shops across London, drink amazing coffee and have meaningful and interesting conversations with new people that we can hopefully call friends by the end of the day. I’m really excited for the future of this network of friends and I predict amazing things for it! Please check out my turquoise posts for more info. And follow #cwlcoffeewithfriends for updates!!

I hope you enjoy the content I post, but more importantly, I wish to inspire you to make that coffee you might be putting off (me, a lot of the time), or explore a part of London you’ve never seen, or even find out more about a culture existing on the other side of the world. I also hope that through these media channels I can convince you, or more likely vindicate your belief, that speciality coffee is a whole lot more than the brown liquid in your cup.