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Italians Do It Better (?)


This week’s feature is Lucas aka @officialucaschannel, a coffee colossus hailing from Rome! Talking coffee preferences, his fantastic work within coffee, as well as the state of Italy’s speciality coffee scene, we get to find out a little more about the man involved in the current Italian coffee movement!

Q- Who Is Lucas?
A- I am a photographer, filmmaker, social media expert and the founder of Romedia Studio, alongside my partner Federica.

Q- Preferred coffee drink?
A- Excluding Filter Coffee I would say a Flat White.

Q- Favourite brew Method? 
A- Chemex first. Then V60. But I also like to play with other brewing toys such as It’s American Press and The Gabi. In the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to get my hands on Gina and it seems a really interesting brewing device.

Q- Tell us about your last coffee.
A- Recently I‘ve been lucky enough to receive a lot of coffee from the United States. The last one I brewed is an ethiopian coffee roasted by Messenger Coffee. Whoa, lots of fruit flavours!

Q- Do you have a favourite coffee producing country, particular farm or varietal?
A- In 2016 it was Ethiopia. But then for me, 2017 was the year of some of the most beautiful Kenyan coffees I’ve ever tasted in my coffee loving life. This year we are also enjoying great coffee from these two countries, though I have to say that one of the best and most elegant coffees I’ve tasted so far this year is from Congo. It was actually used in the Italian Brewers Championship Before being sent to me by the one and only Nicole Battefeld from Röststätte Berlin.

Q- Share a coffee highlight so far; where everything from the drink to the setting was just perfect!
A- I would say, citing two very different examples, that I had a great experience at Stockholm Espresso Club in Hamburg due to their Service and Filter Coffee. Also at Starbucks Reserve UK due to their friendly staff and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Q- Have in or to go?
A- In.

Q- Favourite coffee shops?
A- Workshop, Prufrock, Ozone, Stockholm Espresso Club, Chapter One and many others 😀

Q- What makes a great coffee shop?
A- Service, Cleanliness, Coffee, Food.

Q- What’s your must-have coffee companion?
A- The coffee and the brewing stuff that I bring with me during my travels.
Then my camera and my smartphone.

Q- Most important coffee tool?
A- If I am at home, I have all the tools I need, so the most important and final thing is fresh coffee to brew! Apart from this, I would say the grinder.

Q- Sugar?
A- I do not put sugar in my coffee. But If you prefer it that way, it’s just your choice.

Q- Decaf?
A- Arabica has half the caffeine of Robusta 😀 .Though again, it’s just question of choice or needs.

Q- Capsules/ pods. Thoughts?
A- There are some good capsule and pods. But I love filter coffee too much…

Q- Why Speciality Coffee?
A- Because I love light roasted coffee with a distinctive character. I find it more interesting. I am happy to pay a premium price for a better product that also helps farmers to get a fairer deal. If big companies start doing the same (some of them already do it) I will be more than happy.

Q- Tell us little bit about what you’ve been up to recently, regarding coffee?
A- With Romedia Studio, we were the first in Italy to produce an Italian documentary about specialty coffee, third wave culture and the arrival of Starbucks in Italy which is titled “Coffees – Italians do it better(?)”. It has gained a lot of success in the world and was seen and appreciated by people like Tim Wendelboe, Kiduk from Bonanza and also from the other side of the world in Australia and in the United States. The project was a low budget and independent project , so we are very happy for this. We also work as photographers and advertisers with many worldwide companies and coffee experts. In April, during my latest business trip to Milan, I had the chance to visit and work in fantastic places such as MUMAC (museum of coffee machines) and the Museum inside Caffè Milani Roastery.
Speaking of your city, at London Coffee Festival 2017 we shot a video called #weallmakecoffee starring many international coffee guests. It is a funny and short video with a great philosophy and meaning that I think people in coffee could appreciate!

Q- How would you sum up the speciality coffee scene in Rome and Italy at the moment?
A- The specialty coffee scene in Italy is slowly growing. Just to mention a few places in different cities we have Ditta Artigianale, Orsonero, Faro and Tazze Pazze. Though many other nice shops are opening at the moment and I’m sure the future will be exciting! In addition, I’m sure that the opening of a 2500 square feet Starbucks Reserve Roastery and Tasting Room (the first Starbucks in Italy!) will help the movement; as has been the case in many other countries.
Also we cannot forget that this year, Gardelli won the world roasting championship and so many other young speciality roasters are taking part in the Italian coffee scene. Just some months ago I had the opportunity to taste a very beautiful light roasted Ethiopia Gesha Village from a new brand called YoungCupCoffee!

Q- What’s next for you, within coffee?
A- Exciting coffee to taste and many interesting projects that we are developing at Romedia Studio!

Q- How can we follow your content etc?
A- I would say you can follow @officialucaschannel , or you can follow Romedia Studio both on instagram and facebook.

Q- Any final thoughts or words to leave us with?
A- Sorry I have to leave you. I just finished my brewing, the timing is perfect and I have to remove the filter and enjoy my coffee.

See you next week!

*Some links to previously mentioned sites: documentary Coffees – Italians do it better(?) #weallmakecoffee (documentary at berlin coffee festival with interviews)

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