The Friday Feature 018

Pursuing The Passion.

This weeks edition features Aga Bukowska, a coffee lover who quit the corporate world to pursue a career in coffee (the dream!). If you’re not already familiar with her, Aga shares amazing pictures of her home brews and coffee travels on Instagram which have always caught my eye, and I’m thrilled to find out more about her and share this feature with you guys! Enjoy! 


Q- Who Is Aga?
A- A girl who always try to follow her passion and wants to squeeze everything out of life. Based in Warsaw, but curious of the world and travelling a lot. Always discovering new cities through the local coffee scene. Advertising professional who has just quit corporate world after 7 years spent in advertising agencies to… well, make coffee full-time.

Q- Why coffee?
A- A few years ago one of my old friends (Polish Barista Vice-Champion at the time), brewed me an Ethiopian Natural he was competing on. It was a life-changing experience, I felt like someone has added strawberry syrup to my coffee. Pourover coffee was not so popular in my town back then so I started to look for it everytime I travelled around. My travels have become sort of coffee tours. I began to discover cities through its specialty coffeeshops and it appeared to be the best tourism idea. You can have yourself immersed in the real city, feel its vibe, get to know its greatest neighbourhoods and amazing people. I fell in love with coffee people’s hospitality. As I have this annoying ailment that I cannot do anything at less than 100%, I simply decided to pursue the passion and I was fortunate enough to get to know even more passionate people from @coffeedeskpl (EN @coffeedeskcom).

Q- Preferred coffee drink?
A- Definitely filter! But I can surely appreciate a good espresso.

Q- Favourite brew Method? 
A-V60! I also love experimenting with Chemex and Kalita. Fun fact about me: I still do not own an aeropress and I don’t know if I would be able to brew a coffee in one without any assistance!

Q- Tell us about your last coffee.
A- Right now I am brewing @assemblyroast Ethiopa Danbi Uddo my friend got me when I was in UK for the Easter Holidays. It tastes great and also reminds me of the great time we’ve had!

Q- Do you have a favourite coffee producing country, particular farm or varietal?
A- I love the kind of coffee that would be burgundy if it had a colour. Fruity, winey, definitely natural processed. Some coffee professionals would describe this kind of beans as too obvious, overfermented. But I just love this kind of coffee and I can’t help it! I couldn’t get enough of Gardelli’s Uganda Mzungu or La Cabra’s Brazil Jaci. Assembly Roast Ethiopia I am brewing now is also in this group!

Q- Share a coffee highlight so far; where everything from the drink to the setting was just perfect!
A- Kurasu, Singapore. Everything was perfect, from the city which become one of my favourite in the world, through cafe’s minimal interior, stunning accessories (little copper Kalita’s) to baristas turning coffee brewing into a true ritual and last but not least, obviously the coffee, sweet, clean & classy.

Q- Have in or to go?
A- Always have in, admire the interior and talk to people!

Q- Favourite coffee shops?
A- I have so many favourites spots in different parts of the world that I don’t know where to start with! In Warsaw definitely @storcafe, during my recent trip to Stockholm I fell in love with @gastcafe & @cafepascal. In Asia @kurasu I have mentioned before and amazing @curiouspalette. If I was forced to choose only one, I think it would be @devocionusa, Brooklyn, NYC.

Q- What makes a great coffee shop?
A- First of all, people. Secondly, coffee. Interior comes in the third place. I think these three create an essential mix for a coffee shop to be really enjoyable.

Q- What’s you must-have coffee companion?
A- I am not drinking coffee without my camera (which is kind of sad when I think about it now :D), I also have my favourite cup from @aoomistudio that I miss whenever I am drinking coffee out!

Q- Most important coffee tool? 
A- I would say the grinder. You will not able to brew great coffee with unequally ground beans.

Q- Sugar?
A- Never, I love coffee natural sweetness too much!

Q- Decaf?
A- I have never tasted any decaf that would be any near my favourite caffeinated beans. But if someone ever makes it, I am all ears! (or mouth? ;))

Q- Capsules/ pods. Thoughts?
A- Specialty coffee in pods is always better than bad coffee in pods. This type of brewing is not my kind of party, but I definitely support initiatives like the one of Collonna which allow people to simply drink better coffee, no matter the method of preparation.

Q- Coffee pet peeves? 
A- Forcing people to like what you like and treating different taste in a disrespectful way.

Q- Do you have a favourite coffee book?
A- Sasa Sestic’s The Coffee Man, I almost cried a few times while reading this one.

Q- Why Speciality Coffee?
A- Because of people standing behind the bean and the cup. My dear authors of @groundedcoffeebook described it perfectly so I’ll allow myself to quote them: ‘Coffee is an industry based around trusting the next person in the supply chain not to screw up. Assuming that everyone who touched the coffee with respect and due dilligence, the coffee will taste as expected.’

Q- What’s next for you coffee-wise?
A-  Polish Coffeespots guide which is coming out this summer and Coffeedesk new cafes in different cities!

Q- Any final thoughts or words to leave us with?
A- My favourite coffee quote is really simple – ‘the best coffee is the one you like’. So just drink whatever you enjoy and do not care about the rest!



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