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Who Run The World…?

This week, I’m thrilled to welcome Girls Who Grind Coffee to The Friday Feature! An all female roastery based in Wiltshire, these girls have really made an impression on the coffee industry across the country, and from what I’ve seen, especially in London! GWGC roast outstanding coffee while trying to change lives, whether it be for women in coffee producing countries or for women on home soil trying to get into the coffee industry. So getting behind their brand leads to supporting and empowering women from Congo to Coventry, all while enjoying delicious coffee!

Q- Who are you?
A- We’re an all-female roastery, based on a farm in Upton Scudamore, Wiltshire and owned and run by me (Fi) and Casey!

Q- Preferred coffee drink?
A- We are both definitely black filter coffee drinkers – all the way!

Q- Favourite brew method?
A- V60’s are awesome, but we are really loving the simplicity of a Clever Dripper at the moment.

Q- Tell us about your last coffee.
A- Last coffee, ah gad, there never is a last coffee, they just keep coming haha! Well, last coffee (that is currently still in my hand) is an aeropress of our Nicaragua Jinotega which is super delicious, crisp green apple and lemon curd.

Q- Do you have a favourite coffee producing country, particular farm or varietal?
A- We both love a natural! Kenyan, Ethiopian, Brazil – you name it!
For us, the story behind the coffee is equally as important as the tasting notes. We feel so privileged to be part of the coffee industry working with incredible women.

Q- Share a coffee highlight so far; where everything from the drink to the setting was just perfect!
A- I think a coffee highlight for us was when we first tasted our, fresh out of the roaster, DR Congo, as an espresso, literally blew our mind with it’s smooth and silky finish, we couldn’t stop making them!

Q- Have in or to go? 
A- In – ALWAYS make time to sit in and drink.

Q- Favourite coffee shops? 
A- I’m originally from Melbourne so have so many faves from back home; Market Lane, Proud Mary, Tom Boy, Brother Baba Budan. Our local faves in the Bath/Bristol; Small St Espresso, Mokoko, Colonna & Smalls, Department of Coffee and Social Affairs, Full Court Press.

Q- What makes a great coffee shop?
A- Awesome produce, service and aesthetics are obviously incredibly important but what I think makes a good coffee shop an amazing coffee shop is when you can feel the passion behind the business, the love for the coffee industry, you can’t buy that stuff!

Q- What’s your must-have coffee companion? 
A- The best coffee companion is a friend. Being able to stop, and enjoy a cup with someone is the best thing ever.

Q- Most important coffee tool?
A- Most important tool for consistency would be scales, and for home brewing, you can’t go past a Wilfa Grinder.

Q- Sugar?
A- Nope. Unless it’s in an Italian Espresso in Florence, then why they hell not!

Q- Decaf?
A- Sure, there is definitely room for decaf. Obviously a great quality decaf. We think the coffee industry can be a little bit elitist about this issue, and why shouldn’t you be able to enjoy a super cup of the decaffeinated stuff if you want to. We’ve put a lot of time and effort into our decaf. A Natural Ethiopian Kana Yirgacheffe, no less!

Q- Capsules/ pods. Thoughts?
A- Obviously there is a place for pods (eco friendly ones obvs), but we personally don’t feel as though they should replace freshly roasted + ground coffee.

Q- Coffee pet peeves?
A- People losing focus on what coffee is actually about i.e the end drink. It’s all completely fine to weigh things to the 0.000001 of a gram, over-think the water aspect, perfect the double inverted mirrored inside out swan, but for the love of coffee don’t lose sight of what the original product is and represents to the drinkers.

Q- Why Speciality Coffee?
A- Speciality Coffee represents the love and passion for coffee right through from the farmers through to the roasters, to the barista through to the end drinker. Each person in this chain has a respect for the origin and wants to share and celebrate these nuances.


About Girls Who Grind Coffee,

Q- What is Girls Who Grind Coffee, and what’s the philosophy of the company?
A- Girls Who Grind Coffee is an all female coffee roasters. We’re here to give voice to the women in the coffee industry, from the female producers through to baristas and coffee drinkers.

Q- How was the idea born?
A- Both Casey and I have had long careers in the coffee industry, Casey (originally from Upstate New York) was a roaster in Vermont and I (originally from Melbourne) have had a career in both Cafe ownership/management and design. We connected through our love for coffee and the common need for change within the industry – which was feeling a little bit too serious and not to mention male dominated! We felt as though there was definitely room for some women to make some noise! We also wanted to do this in a way that wasn’t a piss take – just because we are women doesn’t mean it has to be all about being the pretty things, or making everything pink! we’re here to represent strong independent women, taking life by the kahunas, empowering them and empowering the next gen of women!

Q- What are you hoping to achieve with GWGC?
A- Basically, we want to roast some kickass coffee from incredible producers, and create a brand that celebrates the awe-inspiring women throughout the coffee industry. ALL of our coffee supports female producers and those who work to empower them. We want to share the stories of these amazing women, and the much needed change they are achieving via the coffee industry.

Q- Any announcements or things for us to look out for in the future?
A- Sooo many things on the bubble right now. We are just about to release our first Espresso blend called ‘Girl Crush’ which is going to be a stunner, a blend of two of our favourite female producer coffees.

There are also some very exciting collaborations on the go, think Granola and chocolate and liqueur – uh-huh! (not together obvs!)

And we are in equal measures excited and petrified about having our very first stand at London Coffee Festival this April, Stand G51 see you there 😉

Q- Any final thoughts or words to leave us with?
A- Women have more taste buds then men, making them better tasters #justsayin 😉

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